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Kevin Grinvalsky

Kevin has experience across the real estate industry. In addition to working as a realtor for over ten years, Kevin has personally flipped over a dozen houses, property-managed large developments and single-family rentals, and he is part-owner of DwellHop Construction. He's skilled at seeing the dream-home potential in ordinary houses – and at helping his clients get the most value from their homes – so they can easily hop from one home to the next.

Kevin's Expertise & Education

General Contractor

In addition to being a realtor, Kevin is a licensed general contractor. That means he'll be able to estimate – and even execute – the updates your current home needs prior to listing, or your new home needs prior to moving in.

Flipping & Rental Property

Kevin personally has flipped almost a dozen homes and has managed large rental property. He can help you get started in property investment or guide you through how to economically and efficiently update a house.  

10+ Years of Experience


Get in Touch

Kevin would love to help you hop in to your next home.